Seetrac SUPERYACHT System

SUPERYACHT System :Product Range : 2008

The Seetrac Tender Tracking System (TTS), is considered to be the industry standard.
The system offers the greatest flexibility for both operation, and installation.
Suitable for installation on any length Main Vessel, the system offers remote PANIC alarm, TENDER-TOW Guard Zone alarm, Remote Ignition Control (RIC) and SAT-TRACK Plug-in options.
An External Alarm Panel (EAP-911) is available for installation on the bridge of the Main Vessel, providing audible and visible alarm indications for PANIC and Tow-GUARD alarms.
Seetrac Alarms can be interfaced directly to the main vessel alarm system via "real-world" relay contact closures.
Non-Seetrac tender charting systems integrate Seetrac tenders as AIS targets.


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